Hi, I am a fullstack web developer and AI pioneer based in Italy

My works

portfolio project

Sensopinion is a news sentiment analyzer that scrapes the web for news where it analyses the emotions, it also provides a screener where you can sort, filter and search the most trending news of the time.

Skills used

portfolio project

A repository that is your go-to resource for scraping football match data from Serie A, Italy's premier football league. On my Github you'll find many other web scraping project starting with the prefix "WebScrap"

Skills used

portfolio project

A blog integration for your MedusaJS admin page, enabling you to create and manage blog articles directly from the admin interface. This plugin extends the capabilities of MedusaJS, a powerful headless commerce platform, by adding a dedicated blogging feature.

Skills used

My skills

I can build and design websites fully customized with database access using frameworks like Sveltekit or Express, I will integrate them with AI if asked using Python and Pytorch, deploying them with distribution control system softwares like git on Linux or Vercel. For your AI models I will also scrape the web using Selenium and Scrapy. If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to contact me.


A curated list of all the services that I offer



You think only on writing quality articles, I’ll take care of the rest ― Everything optimized with SEO to rank your articles at the top of Google rankings.

  • Landing page
  • Blog article page
  • 3 info pages (about, tos, privacy policy, etc...)
  • 2 any other pages that you want
  • Simple animations
  • Admin dashboard with perfomance graph
  • Blog editor page
  • Image and video management system
  • Google analytics
  • Automatic multilingual support
  • Deployment and domain configuration
  • User authentication
  • Payments integration



Shopify is not always the solution, it's expensive and difficult to customize, my ecommerce solutions provides you with the right tools to increase your sales and your earnings. I have picked a better alternative, MedusaJS, the best open source ecommerce engine!

  • Migration from your Shopify store
  • Landing page
  • Checkout page
  • Products and product page
  • 6 info pages
  • 4 other pages that you want
  • Medium complexity animations
  • Database connection
  • User authentication
  • MedusaJS configuration

  • Any type of payment method that you like (Stripe, Paypal, Clarna, even Manual)
  • Cart recovery logic
  • Google analytics
  • Automatic multilingual support
  • Deployment and domain configuration

Portfolio website (like this one)


A one page application developed to rocket your clients conversion rate with maniacally studied details and animations.

  • Landing page
  • One info page
  • Complex animations
  • Google analytics
  • Automatic multilingual support
  • Deployment and domain configuration
  • Stripe integration
  • User authentication
  • Image and video management system
  • Admin dashboard

Build your own


If you have something different in mind build your website here to clear any doubt about the price.


Whether you want a blog, an ecommerce or any other type of website, there are some things that I take as granted to provide your with the best experience and results as possible. Let's get together and discuss about you vision.

  • Site respecting CCPA and GDPR (managed by Iubenda)

  • Optimized SEO
  • Optimized performance
  • Lighthouse optimized website

  • Unique, modern, and customize design
  • Enduring, memorable user experience
  • Responsive design for every page that you need
  • Adaptive, scalable backend solutions
  • Catch-up meetings & close communication
  • Secured website against the most common attacks like: DDOS attacks, NoSQL injection, javascript injections, brute-force attacks, etc...

Want to pay less?


If the price is too high for your budget, there are some changes you can made to save money.

price may vary based on your requests, the price displayed is just a general guideline

Any doubt?

Do you have any special requests? Not sure if I am the right person? Or maybe you just want to be sure about the price? Don't hesitate to contact me to clear any doubt.


Source Code

I am giving you the keys to my realm, so you can see how deep the rabbit hole goes.